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Men's Stainless Steel Foxtail Chain Bracelet

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€23,86 EUR
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€23,86 EUR

This stunning bracelet features its exceptional beautiful braided chain made of premium quality steel. This jewel adds masculine roughness but yet a whole glamorous appearance. This rocker-style bracelet comes with two magnetic clasps variations of your choice. Dress to impress and complete your look with this for a perfect every day or night out wear. 

  • a bracelet in length of 18.5 cm (7.28inch) - wrist fits 14-16 cm (5.51-6.29inch)
    a bracelet in length of 20.5 cm (8.07inch) - wrist fits 16-18 cm (8.23-7.08inch)
    a bracelet in length of 22 cm (8.07inch) - wrist fits 18-20 cm (8.23-7.87inch)