4 Tips: How to store fashion jewelry daily and long term

4 Tips: How to store fashion jewelry daily and long term

1. Jewelry should not be exposed to extremes - heat, cold or high humidity

Never store your jewelry in a place exposed to cold drafts or a closet near a heat source. Store your jewelry at room temperature and do not expose it to direct sunlight, avoid to humidity to prevent tarnishing or discoloration. Some jewelry such as silver is very sensitive to the damages caused by extreme temperatures and humidity.

2. Store your jewelry in a clean place and sort it by type

This advice applies to all jewelry, with no exception for fashion one. Do not store a corroded brass fashion piece with your precious gold ring. The contact with corrosion may tarnish it more quickly, or even damage it. Sort jewelry by type, do not mix precious and fashion jewelry and keep it in a dry and clean place.

3. Daily storage

Be creative and make use of household objects that are not doing much else. There are not any rules for how to store jewelry, so feel free to create storage items out of almost anything. Always bear in mind the fragility of items when choosing storage. E.g. make or buy a jewelry tree, use a cork bulletin board, use a tackle box or a glass, hang your jewelry on a tie rack, … Be creative!

4. Long term storage

There are many plastic or wooden boxes on the market to store jewelry, choose a box provided with a soft coating and soft pads. This way, you will not damage your jewelry’s precious stones and metals. Also, make sure that your jewelry box is large enough, and that it has enough compartments to store all of your jewelry without being clumped together. An ideal jewelry storage implies that the pieces are not in contact with one another.

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